Artesian 2 Series

Artesian 2 Series

The Artesian Series combine the high efficiency advantages found in the Cascade series with the added convenience of self-priming. Molded of corrosion-resistant polypropylene, Artesian 2 pumps are ideal for applications in which the pump is above the pond where it is drawing water. An easy-open Lexan lid provides ready access to the integral strainer potís large basket.

All Performance Pro Pumps purchased through The Water Garden Shop have 8' cords.

  • Money saving high efficiency pump and motor units.

  • Long life corrosion resistant Stainless Steel shaft seals.

  • Impeller interchangeability allows you to easily change your pump's performance.

  • Top-of-the-line U.S. motors. All 1725 rpm units are totally enclosed for excellent protection and long term reliabillity.

  • Both pump ends and motors are designed for quiet operation.

  • Safety first - out of pond pumps help protect both you and your fish from annoying and potentially dangerous oil or electrical leaks.

  • 3 year limited warranty